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Education, Clinical Research & Collaboration
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GNI Associates, LLC (GNA) serves humanity through education, clinical research, and empowerment of healthcare providers. Whether in clinics, schools, special interest groups, or at home, people with special needs require effective therapies. Improvement of a patient’s quality of life is directly connected to thorough examinations, accurate diagnoses, and research-based effective therapies. This is facilitated when healthcare providers use examinations that quantify measurable data, establish accurate diagnoses, use research-based effective therapies, and then measure the results.

Essential Questions About Clinical Success May Include

GNI Associates, LLC

Do my patients benefit, and what is the strength of that effect?

GNI Associates, LLC

Is more therapy needed?

GNI Associates, LLC

Does therapy need to be modified?

GNI Associates, LLC

What do the statistics say?

GNI Associates, LLC

GNA Serves Its Associates by Providing

Education in chiropractic neurology. This includes a) the neurophysiology of human function, b) examination methodologies, and c) therapeutic interventions. The goal is a high degree of knowledge and proper application of therapy.

Quality control and oversight through analysis of associates’ diagnoses and the effectiveness of their treatment programs. This is one-on-one with associates. Additional education will be provided as needed for each associate to become highly proficient in clinical neurology.

Statistical analysis and reporting of the effectiveness of each associate’s treatment programs compared to the entire GNA group of health professionals.


Effectiveness of Clinical Data

Analysis of clinical data among GNI Associates’ patient populations shows the level of effectiveness of individual doctors in comparison to their GNA associates. GNA reports these statistics to their doctors and, if needed, helps them refine their clinical methods, so their patients can benefit the most.

GNA seeks to bless humanity through collaboration with our associates. We believe that our combined efforts can make a significant, positive difference.